Friday, February 24, 2017

Too Much Awful

When the News is too much?

I don't know, I mean I like a bit of contention and chaos in my life, that is a given as I decided many years ago that it was a good idea to raise a child and pursue graduate degrees at the same time, but lately the news feels oppressive and well, it just brings me down.

Trump Steps Back Trans Protections

This one really bothered me. I am not transgendered or a member of the LGBT community, but I know and have had the pleasure of knowing many people who are and this step in a backwards direction is chilling to say the least. When the President and his spokespeople act as if the world is happy with what they are doing as thousands across the US and the rest of the world protest them, we can equate that to selective viewing or simply ignoring the truth.... but when you work consciously to remove needed protections from vulnerable people, that is dangerous. 

So I took a break myself the last few days and have not posted on Twitter (as much at least) or read every article I usually read, instead focusing on school and other things that will give me just a breather.

That being said... I think the comfort in moving back is a bad idea... taking a breather for a day or so is one thing, but letting this stuff become normal without consistently speaking out is another.

We need to protect people. 

I think this pretty much sums up my entire being lol...

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