Friday, February 3, 2017

Are We in a Post Truth World?

Recently, I found myself speaking out when I saw something online that was 100% untrue and misrepresented and although I backed up my rebuttle to the issue with facts and evidence, my post, my response, was deleted. It was an odd moment because there is a part of all of us who believe that there is some truth in the world or at least some underlying reliance on truth, even if it proves that we are wrong.

I am a historian, there are things I read daily that challenge my pre-conceived notions about a specific time period or event and that is just part of our academic world... we are challenged, we search for truth, even if it contradicts everything we believed prior. I don't reject facts is what I am saying, but what if we are in a world that simply does now.

Oh... I don't like this fact or I do not like the criticism I am receiving, so I will make up my own truth, use that as an excuse, and move forward.... alot of times without any real pushback. Now of course... I am speaking of this...

Yep... that is Kellyanne Conway basically citing a fake massacre to support Trump's Muslim Ban. It did not happen, the incident never occurred and yet, because Matthews didn't really have time to process... she does not get called on it IMMEDIATELY.
(and she should have) 
Whether she believes there was a massacre or she was outright lying, this is simply a dangerous spread of non-factual evidence to a populace who wants to believe anything that comes out of her mouth or out of the mouths of the people she represents and works with.

So.... Does it matter that this story is not true?
In the end, does Kellyanne get what she wants by saying this anyway...and now it is out and thus it is "proof" for Trump supporters who think the Muslim Ban is OK?

I don't know, but its really disturbing that she even still has a job after this.  There are some jobs that require you to be on point all the time, I think working for and within the white house is one of those jobs. 

So is lying, not knowing the facts, or simply spreading un-truth now the norm and is it OK?

Hard questions. 

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