Sunday, February 12, 2017

Stories to Not Ignore

I think one of the big problems with having a President who does so much in a day to cause alarm is that we often miss stories that are truly chilling or highly problematic... like this one.
I read it at midnight after coming home late and it was shocking.

Trump Relegates the Press Blackout Style

We know that Trump has a contentious relationship with the Press, because many of them simply report the truth, the President feels they are against him. Perhaps he is so delusional that he truly believes they are lying about him. I have given it some thought and someone with that level of narcissism may actually believe his own fantasies about how the rest of the world is against him...which is in no way comforting, just explanatory. 

A free and uninhibited press is one of the more important factors in our working democracy and I fear his behavior is slowly limiting that, especially when he constantly goes on twitter and riles up his base to believe that the Press is some malevolent attacker and he is simply the upstanding American victim.  Do not take that for granted that everyone knows this is not true, I know people who believe every word that comes out of his mouth...which is reinforced by radio personalities and other outlets that these people exclusively get their "news" from. 

He also uses his position to completely infiltrate the business sector he is supposed to be detached from

I think this should get a ton of attention, his attacks on the press and the response from his base.
The nation dismissed the power he has over the base once before and now it has much higher consequences. 

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