Friday, February 3, 2017

Addendum: Toddlers

My child is insane.  I needed to record this... 
After two hours of building a fort, running in circles, and then categorically blessing out his father because he would not allow the toddler to watch him play Witcher 3, I wrangled him into the bathtub, got him relatively clean...and now I am going back and forth about him actually going to sleep in his room.

He was just beating his tabby because an app didn't work.

So I walked in there.... had a long conversation about some part of Star Wars Rebels that had nothing to do with the problem with the tabby or his bedtime... hugged him, talked about a pencil... and now am again trying to get back to work.

Eugene D. Genovense's Roll, Jordan, Roll: The World the Slaves Made which is pretty good.

Click Here if you want to get yourself a copy. 

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