Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Land of Confusion

I am going to admit that I am slightly confused and concerned after only watching about thirty minutes of the news cycle this morning...
Is it really happening that when the Administration has direct ties to Russia, the ruling party in congress essentially feels it unnecessary to look into it deeply? Are team politics that important now that when someone flirts with letting Russia interfere with American governance, the Republican party is going to give him a pass because he pretends to be a Republican as he gaslights the United States?
Do we not remember Benghazi?  I do... it was overwrought with coverage and hearings and inquiry and there was nothing there... and yet this guy has now had someone resign because of known ties... KNOWN as in they knew...

I am no fan of Trump. I think he is crass, unamerican, and dangerous... but that is not why I am super concerned when our checks and balances are not in balance. 
Regardless of who you voted for, this should worry you. 

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