Sunday, January 22, 2017

Ugh... Rain

It is very hard to start working out/hiking if it rains perpetually each day... just saying. 

I just got back from a coffee visit with an old friend who helps me maintain my sanity while working on my PhD, raising a toddler, finding time to breathe, and dealing with the current political climate. The hour or two we spend at Starbucks just gabbing about nothing in particular really does make the week go by a bit happier. 

In political news, so the Press Secretary Spicer thing is just super awkward and highly problematic. First, if the President did tell this guy to go out in front of the press, threaten them, and then proceed to create some fantastical tale about how Trumps sparsely attended Inauguration somehow was the most attended inauguration in history...then the stories of Trump being delusional are highly UNDERRATED. On the other hand, if this guy went out to the Press and fabricated that performance all by his lonesome, well then... he has NO business being in the job that he is in and I hope that the Trump administration or whoever actually makes decisions in that clown car fires him.  Daily conversations with the press or updates from the White House are an important part of the press/government relationship and there is some level of professionalism and honesty that just has to exist for that relationship to function and if on day one you just traipse out and start telling whoppers that might make the dad in Big Fish seem like an amateur the slight problem has now turned into a political disaster and at best just bad... at worst, an example of the willingness for an administration to spread falsehoods. 

I am hoping that the week goes better for the new President, but someone should really take his twitter away, because... its bad. 

On the Dinner front, tonight we did citrus baked chicken, roasted cauliflower, and a cucumber-onion salad made with vinegar and spices. I am getting into this healthy eating thing and have gone almost a week without a soda.  That being said, without coffee... I would die. Tomorrow I swear I am going to get some exercise done... this weather be damned.

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