Thursday, January 5, 2017

Back to the Real World

So, Vacation is over, we are back at home and work/school as well. Classes begin on the 10th, but I already am back at work at GSU (which I love doing) and doing school related things... like editing a paper I am presenting at a conference in February. 

The getting back in shape efforts have been going really well.
Yesterday I logged a little over four miles, today around three.  I ate pretty healthy (apart from the coconut cake my mother made me for my birthday) and felt great. 

For dinner we did a really nice and savory salad with some toasted bread that was awesome.

I used a butter lettuce mix
fresh radish
green onions
crumbled feta and some castlvetrano olives

For the dressing I used some aged balsamic vinegar and olive oil with fresh lemon juice and everything tasted fresh, tart, and amazing. 

I am not overweight or trying to become uber skinny, but at forty... I think it is the right time to get into a routine for my health and stick to it without making it drastic and unrealistic.

like... I have guinness and its amazing and its not going anywhere. 

But... taking on more active hobbies (the extension of hiking is happening), eating better, and just trying to overall live a more healthy life mentally and physically has really helped already. 

So here I am on day 2!

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