Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday Monday Monday

It is chilly and dreary out and thus, it feels like a Monday. My cup of coffee is working to keep the chill off, but I wanted to share something that I found important while reading a book for class. 

According to Gordon Wood:

"The revolutionary generation was the most cosmopolitan of any in American history. The revolutionary leaders never intended to make a national revolution in any modern sense. They were patriots, to be sure, but they were not obsessed, as were later generations, with the unique character of America or with separating America from the course of Western civilization...And Americans prided themselves on their hospitality and their treatment of strangers. Such cosmopolitanism was a consequence of civilization." 
       -The Radicalism of the American Revolution

In Politics:

     I think it will be increasingly important over the next four years to remain vigilant over policy and government action, especially following such an unprecedented election. Today, the President signed more executive orders that will affect men and women not only in the United States, but around the world, potentially causing more problems between this county and some of its allies. 
First, the federal hiring freeze could hurt the VA Hospitals, Social Security, Medicaid, and many social programs men and women in this country in need depend on to survive, it is not a good sign and it is not where anyone with economic sense and not a specific austere agenda would cut first. Second, the President also signed an executive order to cease funding to any international organization that provides financial support for abortion, reviving a problematic and controversial directive under President Reagan from the 1980s...this can endanger the health and safety of women all over the world and aggravate allied countries.  In other political news, the Press Secretary held another briefing today and stated that he did not say when he said the day before, this again...does not bode well.

The Diet kind of went south today, not in a huge way... I did not devolve into a food mess and eat a pint of gelato, but dinner was not as healthy as it has been, I made home made pasta with a great red sauce that also included sausage (also known as not diet friendly). On the other hand, I have not had soda in a week now and I think I am pretty much good without it. I have settled on carbonated water and iced unsweet tea for my cold beverages and hot tea and coffee in the morning and evenings. I still drink beer, we all have to have our little treats.  I actually found my way to my treadmill today...since for some reason over the past three days it has been lost to me (not really, just no time) and I felt  a ton better after an hour of walking and watching the Masterpiece Elizabeth I mini-series they did years back... did I mention it has Tom Hardy in it (he is adorable, even in his scary Taboo phase he has going now). 

In The News:

Trump's Hiring Freeze of Federal Workers 

Trump Adopts Reagan Era Abortion Policy with Executive Order 

Problematic Peace Talks in Syria

Storm Deaths Reach 20 in the South

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