Thursday, January 12, 2017

Healthy Check-In

I believe the biggest challenge to my healthy eating/living program involves my schedule and the fact that I do a 200 mile round trip commute half the week. That being said, I have not fallen off of goals and I've eaten pretty reasonably over the last week or so.
Adam and I are making a lot of our meals from scratch on the nights that we are home and saving the leftovers for the evenings that I get home from Atlanta and ready to binge eat everything in sight. 

Now, that being said... I did have an amazingly wonderful Grindhouse Burger yesterday, no shame.... I mean Heather and I walked like a mile total to go get it so that counts??!!  

Today I did a Spanish style omelette for lunch with some spiced olives, pepper flakes, and green was super tasty and not heavy on calories or bad stuff.  I am still cutting way back on soda and even though I vehemently drink coffee, I figure, that vice can stay.

I am also doing my daily walking even in the midst of a lot of projects and chores.... its nice out today so I think I will take Aiden outside for a bit after lunch and let him frolic outdoors while I read Morgan's American Slavery, American Freedom, which is an amazing book that I recommend if you are interested in Colonial American history. 

You can pick it up at Barnes and Noble or order it HERE 

On the knitting front, I am pretty skilled with my looms, but screw trying to do it with needles... maybe one day people... maybe one day.

Now.... how to convince the toddler to stop playing with legos and go outside....

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