Sunday, March 12, 2017

Spring Break!!!!

So technically I am on Spring Break this coming week, meaning I will spend my time working on some papers I have due at the end of the semester, cleaning the house, registering my child for Pre-K, and at least trying to take a few minutes and relax. I have been on a bit of a news break the last few days, I find it keeps me not wanting to run away screaming into the night.

So what have I done that is fun, exciting, and non-school related??

1. I organized my jewelry and put up new necklace hangers. Yes, this is how I enjoy myself.

2. I cleared out the brush in my side-yard before the temperatures dropped again to winter levels.  

3. I bought myself a lavish cupcake.

4. I have played more WoW than usual.

I know, I am a wild child to the 1000000th degree. 

Lots of academic/school related things coming up that make me feel like the 2nd owl here:

end of semester rush

I need to buy myself a giant bottle of wine and just do this.

That being said, a week to get caught up is nice, and the weather that hates my RA motivates me to stay inside. 

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